Tips on Betting College Football

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While College Football is nowhere near the popularity and interest as the NFL when it comes to betting, the college game is slowly becoming one that many see as a lucrative sporting area to bet on. It is an area that can provide many advantages to bettors and they are upsides that the NFL cannot offer, simply because of the amount of NCAA football games played each season. Furthermore, a list of free bets is available which you can use to more than double your betting bank instantly!

More and more bowl games are added to the calendar each year and these games can bring the most rewards to bettors but only if you know a few tips to take advantage of the college football game.

College Football

College Football (Photo credit: JohnathanLobel)

The first misconception that bettors have when betting on NCAA football is that they can do the same thing they do when betting on the NFL as they do in college football. The quicker you eradicate that theory from your head the better off you will be because even though they are the same sport the approach to making money from them is quite different.

The first difference one must get acquainted with is the high points spread and totals that will be available. It is not surprising to see teams favored by more than 30 to 40 points and totals easily surpassing the 70 points mark. You will especially see this disparity in the early parts of the season when teams go up against non-conference teams.

The first advice is to always stay away from such games with overwhelming totals and especially the high spreads. If a team needs 40 points given to them, it shows that they are so terrible that they should not even be considered to bet on. Try and set a limit that makes you comfortable and this will aid into giving you a manageable amount of games to consider betting on.

How College Football Betting Compares To NFL

College football in comparison to the NFL has softer lines; whereas the NFL has extremely tight lines. The ability to spot these soft lines is what will determine your success in betting on the college level. If you haven’t noticed before, college football takes much more manual work, rather than employing a system. The statistics will be your best friend in beating the lines. I’ll share one statistical area that can prove to be very worthwhile.

The rushing statistics of a college team and likewise a defense’s ability to stop the run has shown that these factors in tandem can produce rewarding results when going against the spread. Those two statistical areas can highlight significant differences among teams and hence increasing the value of the game as many lines fail to consider this all important factor.

The passing yardages by a team are something that is in high abundance in college football and can sometimes provide misrepresented evaluation of teams. Instead of looking at the passing yardages, it would be more useful to take into account the passing efficiency on both offense and defense. The passing efficiency must also be stacked up against the scheduled of a team, power rating and injuries in coming up with a suitable handicap. Turnovers will give you the most headaches in college football and it is something to keep into consideration as well.

College football was initially an untapped market but many are realizing the rewards available in comparison to the NFL. It is quite easy to take advantage of, once you are willing to put in a bit of work.

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