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How Football Betting Punters Flock Like Dolly The Sheep

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Ask any shepherd and he’ll tell you the one way you can always tell it’s a sheep is that it follows the other sheep. Ask any bookmaker and he’ll tell you the same thing about football punters. They’re a similar breed that always follow the herd, and that’s why bookmakers always look forward to the big football matches.

Football punters back favourites. Not always, but nearly always. Favourites are at low prices by definition, which means that if you back them, your winnings are small when you win, and your losses are bigger when you lose. That means you need to be right the majority of the time to have any chance of making a profit. And football, as they say, is a funny old game. You get shocks and surprises, and when that happens the bookies cash in big time.

So Why Do Football Bettors Behave Differently

My theory is that it’s the frequency of events that makes the difference. Sure, there’s a lot of football played around the world and plenty on TV, but normally there’s only a couple of games on TV per day, and then only at the weekend. That means when you’ve bet, you have to wait quite a long time for your next bet.

Compare that with horse racing when there are 15-20 races per day and you can maybe see the difference. A racing punter can get his next bet on and see the result within a few minutes, a football punter has to wait maybe until the next day. That means he’ll be less likely to take a longer odds bet as it has less chance of winning, and he’ll then have to sit on his loss for a long time before he can attempt to make it back.

How Punters Can Get Better Odds

One way to get out of this cycle is to look for price boosts or enhanced odds. These are special offers from the bookmakers where prices on popular bets are increased to far higher than their normal level. These offers are typically for new customers only so there will be a limit to how many you can get, but if you’re prepared to spend a couple of minutes registering a new account you can get your hands on some great deals.

As an example, you might look for enhanced odds on Man Utd’s next match. You can pretty much guarantee that one or more bookmakers will have an offer on this. If United are trading at 1/2 at most bookies, the offer might see the price enhanced to something like 4/1. Obviously this is way higher than the true probability of them winning, making it a value bet. The enhanced odds means that you can place this bet with the odds in your favour. It’s like backing a long shot that is pretty much guaranteed to come in.

Like I said you can’t do this on every match, but when you see the opportunity you should take it.

How Injuries Affect NBA Betting

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With Kobe Bryant currently out for the Los Angeles Lakers it has me wondering how much does the future Hall of Famer affect the spread for the Lakers. How are the bookies reacting to his omission from the team and how do bettors now favor the LA team?

Any star player missing in action for a team does affect the line and it will certainly be adjusted by the bookmakers and sometimes very significantly. Serious analysis must be done when considering teams for or against the spread who boast major injuries to their lineup. For example, imagine the Oklahoma Thunders without Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in their lineup, which is 75% of their offense out the game and it, will certainly affect the points spread and total given to the team.

How Injuries Affect The Bookmakers Odds

When key players get injured, initially is when you will see the most significant jump in the adjustment made by the bookies and it can be hard for you as the bettor to know how to react at times. If the injury persist for a period of time what will happen is that other players will attempt to fill the gap that was left and from how they have responded you can determine how to react to the odds being offered by the bookies who will tend to react later rather than sooner to players stepping up their game or lack thereof.

So many times I have seen a team have injury to their big name player and the team goes 5-1 or even 9-1 ATS and the team has remained undervalued by bookmakers all along their current streak because they were given too many points to overcompensate for the loss of the player.

This is not to say that if a major player is out for the remainder of the season that the bookies will take forever to react to how the team responds so your timing has to be perfect in taking advantage. Even though players will have a good run of form in the absence of big name players to injuries, this form will rarely ever last for the duration of the season.

More than likely the team won’t even make the playoffs and their play will be up and down all season making it hard for bookies to zero in on how best to adjust the lines to them. When players are out, they can win tonight and be a complete slump the other night and here in lies the risk that goes with teams who carry big name injuries to their squad.

Consider The Strength Of The Squad

It is important to understand that each team will react differently to injuries and there is no set rule as to how a bettor should go about betting with such teams.

When it comes to injuries in the NBA the key is to analyze the depth of the team, age of the squad and just as importantly the coaching staff. All three factors can help to indicate if a team will step up to a loss of a player or go into a losing slump.

How To Find The Right Online Bookie Or Casino

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Buy CasinoWebScripts Casino Games

CasinoWebScripts Casino Games (Photo credit: casinowebscripts)

There are thousands of individuals out there, right now, searching for the right online casino to wager at. Some are first timers, others are addicts and then there are persons just trying to find somewhere that offers them the best experience and value for their betting.

The truth is many persons fall into the last category I mentioned and specifically what they are searching for is the casino which offers the most transparency and the most information to its customers.

Choosing which online casino to wager at is no different from buying a product or service; you will always want the best value for money and superb customer service as well. I’ve signed up with online casinos before and immediately withdrew all my money before playing a game, once I came across their sub-standard customer service.

Know Who You’re Dealing With

In choosing where to wager, I always look for transparency as immediately as the home page of the site. If you want to know that you are wagering at an online casino that is reputable then there are certain indicators that you must look out for.

Firstly, you must know who the owner of the casino is. If you do not know who you are clearly dealing with then do not wager your money there. There are places that put this information in their About Us page and others hide it in a very dark corner. If something is being hidden then a bettor should not do business.

Every gambling institution has to be licensed. You must be able to see the name of the jurisdiction that issued the license to a casino. There are many fraudulent online casinos out there that will take your money and will be gone forever. This is a way to ensure that your money is in secure and trusted hands. This information is usually provided anywhere near the logo of the company on the site.

What Betting Offers And Promotions Do They Have?

Most online casinos, poker rooms and bookmakers will have betting offers and promotions to attract new players. If you are going to join a new casino you should ensure they have the best offers to suit your needs.

This will normally be a small no-deposit bonus to allow you to try the games out without having to deposit any money. These should also be a deposit bonus which will match your initial deposit should you decide that you want to become a real money player. In the case of a bookmaker, this may also be called a free bet or matched bet.

You can use a betting offers site to compare the different bonuses on offer across the market, or just look at what the particular company you are interested in is offering.

Always check the terms and conditions of the offer to make sure it is going to be beneficial to you.

Support And FAQ

Last but not least and is quite often overlooked is a detailed FAQ page. This will allow most of a customer’s questions to be answered without need of contacting customer support.

Never be in a rush to wager your money anywhere. It is better to be safe than sorry, so always look for all the indicators I mention before deciding to wager at an online casino.

Which Gaming Software Are They Using?

A huge concern for players online is whether or not the software of the game being played on an online casino has been tweaked in such a way to shift the odds in favor of the online casino. The only way to ensure that this is not being done is if the online casino has their software audited by an independent source.

The name of the auditing source and the findings of the reports must be given publicly. You will find a number of online casinos just state that their software is audited by an independent body but not give a name or provide publicly the findings of the reports by the body. This is a huge red flag and trust should never be given to such a company.

Things You Need to Learn about Online Bookmakers before Opening an Account

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The bookmakers in town IMG_4957

The bookmakers in town IMG_4957 (Photo credit: tomylees)

It is essential for you to learn some key elements about online bookmakers before you decide on opening an account with any bookmaker. Reading online reviews on various online bookmakers is one of the first things you should consider to do to help you choose the right bookmaker operating online. Make sure to check out the terms and conditions and reviews left by previous users on the betting platform you intend to be a part of. Also, check other external forums and chat rooms. Below are some key elements you should learn before opening an account with an online bookmaker.

Reliability is the most important thing you will consider when joining an online bookmaker. Check out whether the online bookmaker you are interested in joining has a proven track record. Do not join any bookmaker online that does not handle payouts on time, look elsewhere. Check whether the bookmaker responds immediately to an inquiry that you drop by email.

Always read the rules of the bookmaker site stated in their website. If you have any doubts, just drop them an email requesting to clarify. Check out the rules thoroughly before you open an account.

You will not want to pay taxes on your winnings if you live in a different country. Private online bookmakers pay taxes to the countries where they are based on. Check this option out too.

You should join a bookmaker online that have several methods of payout. Be sure to be comfortable with their method of payment. Also, check out the transaction costs involved in initiating a payout through bank transfer, online payment gateways such as Moneybookers, etc.

Make sure to check whether the odd offer by the bookmaker is favorable when compared with the rest out there. Many bookmakers change their odds but if you do not get the odd which was offered at the time you placed your bet, find another online bookmaker.

Choose the bookmaker that requires a minimum amount for opening an account. There are some bookmakers that will demand a huge amount of money to be deposited before joining them. Consider all these things before you open an account with them.

Today, you can bet online on everything as online bookmakers give you the chance to place hundreds of bets per event or match. Remember, gambling is a huge industry today and you will have to act smart if you want to make the most out of it.

Betfair Trading Tips How to Trade Like a Professional

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Betfair Blimp

Betfair Blimp (Photo credit: R4vi)

Betfair has revolutionalized the manner in which people place bets and you can trade bets in a similar way to how people trade the prices of shares in the stock market. The main difference is that in Betfair trading, you trade the value of a team’s sports odds other than trading the value of a company. If you have not familiarized yourself a lot with Betfair trading or you are finding it hard to make money from this kind of trading, it is very likely that you are using the wrong approach. Many traders make the mistake of watching an event, open Betfair.com and then start trading on a whim without having a game plan or strategy. It is essential to avoid this mistake by adopting the strategies that professional Betfair traders use because this is a money making business. In order to execute Betfair trades like a professional, you should do the following;

  • Spot an opportunity – Do not enter a trade just for the sake of it. Instead, you should wait until something develops so that you will have a great reason to get involved in the trade. Before entering a trade, it is advisable to note at least three reasons why you think entering into the trade is wise.
  • Decide on back and lay points – You may decide to lay first or back first. Either way, your goal should be to make a profit after exiting the trade. Deciding on your lay and back points before a trade will allow you avoid suffering a loss.
  • Decide on your stop loss exit strategy – Knowing the amount of money that you are trying to make is essential but you should also have a plan on what you will do if something goes wrong. If you find that your average losses are higher that your average wins, you need a huge strike rate in order to make a profit. Otherwise, you will lose money in the long term.
  • Decide on the amount of money you are risking – Most professional Betfair traders will not risk more than three to four percent of their trading bank per trade. When trading at Betfair, make sure you think about your trading bank per trade. For instance, a fifty tick loss will be much higher than a ten tick loss. You should therefore account for this before entering the market.

Tips on Betting College Football

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While College Football is nowhere near the popularity and interest as the NFL when it comes to betting, the college game is slowly becoming one that many see as a lucrative sporting area to bet on. It is an area that can provide many advantages to bettors and they are upsides that the NFL cannot offer, simply because of the amount of NCAA football games played each season. More and more bowl games are added to the calendar each year and these games can bring the most rewards to bettors but only if you know a few tips to take advantage of the college football game.

College Football

College Football (Photo credit: JohnathanLobel)

The first misconception that bettors have when betting on NCAA football is that they can do the same thing they do when betting on the NFL as they do in college football. The quicker you eradicate that theory from your head the better off you will be because even though they are the same sport the approach to making money from them is quite different.

The first difference one must get acquainted with is the high points spread and totals that will be available. It is not surprising to see teams favored by more than 30 to 40 points and totals easily surpassing the 70 points mark. You will especially see this disparity in the early parts of the season when teams go up against non-conference teams.

The first advice is to always stay away from such games with overwhelming totals and especially the high spreads. If a team needs 40 points given to them, it shows that they are so terrible that they should not even be considered to bet on. Try and set a limit that makes you comfortable and this will aid into giving you a manageable amount of games to consider betting on.

How College Football Betting Compares To NFL

College football in comparison to the NFL has softer lines; whereas the NFL has extremely tight lines. The ability to spot these soft lines is what will determine your success in betting on the college level. If you haven’t noticed before, college football takes much more manual work, rather than employing a system. The statistics will be your best friend in beating the lines. I’ll share one statistical area that can prove to be very worthwhile.

The rushing statistics of a college team and likewise a defense’s ability to stop the run has shown that these factors in tandem can produce rewarding results when going against the spread. Those two statistical areas can highlight significant differences among teams and hence increasing the value of the game as many lines fail to consider this all important factor.

The passing yardages by a team are something that is in high abundance in college football and can sometimes provide misrepresented evaluation of teams. Instead of looking at the passing yardages, it would be more useful to take into account the passing efficiency on both offense and defense. The passing efficiency must also be stacked up against the scheduled of a team, power rating and injuries in coming up with a suitable handicap. Turnovers will give you the most headaches in college football and it is something to keep into consideration as well.

College football was initially an untapped market but many are realizing the rewards available in comparison to the NFL. It is quite easy to take advantage of, once you are willing to put in a bit of work.

England v Poland preview with Steven Gerrard

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After England’s convincing win over Montenegro they are now just one win away from qualifying for the World Cup. In this William Hill video, England captain Steven Gerrard previews the big game and talks about how the team can go about beating Poland.

Football Betting Preview: England v Montenegro

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The crunch weekend of World Cup Qualifiers approaches. It’s win or bust for England as they face two must win games against Montenegro and Poland.

From a betting perspective these games should be approached with caution. Although England have to win, and therefore will be favoruites and rightly so, nothing is guaranteed. They have failed before – think back to Croatia a few years ago.

Here’a a betting preview from Coral bookmakers which gives some thoughts on how to approach betting on the big game.